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Because dreams
are there to be fulfilled

School for
Compassionate Activism

We live in extraordinary times of human history, dealing with challenges former generations did not face. These are times that call upon all of us to change ourselves and help others change too, on the path to mend and heal the society and the world.
School for Compassionate Activism, which was founded in 2020, intends to form learning methods that will promote personal and social transformations, with an emphasis on bringing these methods into practice.
The school integrates teachings of ancient and modern wisdom and derives inspiration from both eastern and western philosophies, in order to assist leaders of all sectors and ages to cope with the 21st century's challenges and turn these philosophies into practical methods, applicable in all fields of life – education, health, social services, economy and security.
With recognition of the primary importance of the Academy in the cultivation of human thought, the school will collaborate with leading academic institutes in Israel and the world.

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