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Sheffa Council

Council for Internal and World Peace


With the establishment of Dreamers’ Home, Niv Agam, Founder and Chair of the NGO, founded Sheffa Council – a Council for Internal and World Peace (in Hebrew the word Sheffa means ‘abundance’ and its acronym is Internal and World Peace).

The Council is a spiritual entity that teaches and advises government agencies, organizations and individuals that are interested in cultivating a culture of compassion and non-violence, promoting constructive inter-faith dialogue and discourse, advancing Social Justice and protecting Democratic values and Human Rights, as well as protecting the environment. 

The inspiration for the establishment of the council was various worldwide current and historical examples where a spiritual leadership operates in collaboration and inter-dependence with the political and economic leadership, as expressed in current Tibetan and Druze leadership. Like the Sanhedrin that was formed by Jewish sages, whereby 70 elders assisted Moses, so will Sheffa Council in its full form consist of 71 members. The council will include spiritual teachers from different belief systems, who have an affinity to, and are involved with, social-political action.

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