Dreamers Home


Dreamers Home

Dreamers Home (NGO) was founded on February 2018 by Niv Agam, a clinical psychologist and social activist, founder and chair of the NGOs Social Magic and Sheffa Council.
The goals of Dreamers Home were formulated out of firm belief in the healing power of compassion and with deep conviction that when healing takes place, dreaming can also occur (In Hebrew, the roots of 'compassion,' ' healing,' and 'dreaming' consist of the same letters).
To fulfill Dreamers Home's vision, a center under the same name will be founded, which will accommodate activities that promote its goals. Dreamers Home will shelter:
- A designated area for retreats and mind training workshops
- An orphanage
- A mental health center
- An educational boarding school
- A hospice
- A yoga center
- A center for alternative medicine




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